Monthly Archives: December 2010

Mosquito Lagoon




Another beautiful morning and praise God there was no ice on the deck as we watched the sunrise. Tim was just like a kid on Christmas morning knowing that today was all about fishing. He quickly had breakfast and started gathering everything he would need. Tim came up with a plan to use the dinghy as a docking platform for the kayaks and it worked flawlessly. The shore was about ¾ of mile away and even as we boarded our kayaks we could hear other fisherman zooming through the mist to their “secret” fishing holes. The water was pure glass with exceptional visibility. I was busy recording the moment as Tim chased “Reds” all afternoon. With deep regret we are having steak again for dinner….hopefully tomorrow will be blacken red fish! Thinking of you & wishing we could have been at the Kirm’s going away party today. I know it was fabulous!  


Ponce Inlet


Waking up to the sounds of the sea and watching the dolphins feed through our master berth window was amazing. Tim pointed out that the sparkle on the deck was ice crystals, but I was snug as a bug under the covers. The tide had gone out and we discovered that Tim had anchored us perfectly in about 3 foot of water surrounded by a crescent shaped sandbar. We were completely protected….

Tim made us a hearty breakfast and soon after we pulled up our anchor and continued South. While Tim expertly guided our boat, I worked on getting us organized, taking pictures along the way and baking a couple dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Thank goodness we planned to kayak…I am quickly seeing that sailing can be calorie laden : )

We are now anchored behind the security lines at Mosquito Lagoon and plan to fish off the kayaks for the next couple of days. We can see the space shuttle launch site just to our south and know that we are probably being watched…I hope tomorrows menu includes fresh fish! Tonight it’s steaks on the grill with roasted fresh vegetables while we watch the sunset. Missing all our friends and wishing you all a wonderful night! 


The Journey Begins!


Every journey has a beginning and ours is December 28, 2010 at 8:30am pulling away from the docks at Palm Coast Marina. We were overwhelmed with excitement & sadness as our friends came to cheer us on. It was a strange feeling knowing that the adventure we had planned for the past 2 years was now about to come true….the day was clear, bright, sunny & very crisp. A good sign that it was time to head south.

We set our sights on Ponce Inlet as our 1st stop. Tim did an excellent job navigating through the waterways, passing through the bridges & steering clear of the power boaters. He was in heaven at the helm and delighted in all the sights & sounds. I kept busy making us a big pot of chili while keeping Tim supplied with hot coffee & tea. The rest of the afternoon I settled in the master berth and read my book while watching the sights through the front window & listening to the swish against the hull as we glided through the water.

As the Ponce Inlet “red” lighthouse took shape…I knew that we would be anchoring soon. It’s so cool to travel & explore from our little home. The water is clear, the dolphins are every where and Tim has decided to fish for a while….in the midst of all the trials of life…if for only a moment, it feels truly tranquil… is GOOD after all.