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Getting a little EXERCISE in Stuart


Sometimes life is so rushed that we forget the simple act of being still and waiting on God. In this new lifestyle it is getting easier. We wake up each morning and watch the day unfold. Making new friends, wrapping up some projects, reading, sight seeing, fishing….whatever God put’s in front of us we are truly enjoying. It is so cool to just listen….really listen when you meet someone. To take the time to hear their story and learn from them. Tim has a special place in his heart for seniors and I love watching him interact. It is truly Gods love in action.

This past week we met Hud & Stacey at church for dinner and then heard a wonderful message on being content. Tim wanted to stay for choir practice and he loved it. Stuart has a theater and we had the opportunity to take in the broad way musical “Promises, Promises”. We decided to STRECH ourselves and ride our bikes from the marina all the way to the very end of Hutchinson Island. We saw “The house of refuge” This was a look out post for shipwrecked people and provided them with food & shelter. (I hope we won’t be needing their services) In one afternoon we crossed 3 bridges to and from….for a total of 6 bridge crossings. All this fresh air & exercise makes for a good nights rest….

It is hard to believe we have been gone for just over a month. The only down side is missing all our family & friends back home. How we wish you could be on this adventure with us. We hope our post gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to be living on the water….and maybe you too will join us!

Sending blessings your way and many thanks for all the prayers !





Life on the hook has been interesting. Our dingy is now our main source of transportation and the mooring field is our super highway. Poor Tim had the job of teaching me how to drive…I think he would have preferred to send me to dingy driving school, if there were such a thing. I had a plan “B” of having 14 year old Malissa Kirms (Our sweet friends that we are sailing with) teach me if Tim gave up. Thankfully, God supplied Tim with the patients required to complete the training : )

Bicycling, walking & yoga are a big part of our days and it’s a good thing since the restaurants here in Stuart are fantastic…it has been so good that Tim and I have planned our days around them. Just as an example…we got up early on Sunday morning, motored to the marina, and went to Maria’s for breakfast BEFORE the 8:15am service. Then we walked through this quaint little town searching for a good place for coffee & bagels. Of course, we also found the perfect place for an early dinner at “Luna’s”. For anyone that was worried….we are not lacking for good food!

We found a great church to attend while here. Tim & Hud went to their men’s group for breakfast on Monday and we are having dinner with them on Wednesday. The pastor gave a great message and we felt right at home from the moment we walked in. All is going well….especially for Tim, he has had a “lucky” turn since arriving in Stuart. He has won everything….bowling, farkle, scrabble and cards. Needless to say, I am ready to pull up anchor and head west. Just kidding, Tim’s a humble winner …




Vero Beach


Amidst all the fun & excitement….I got a little cold. It slowed me down just a bit, but my nurse (Timothy) did an excellent job bringing me back to par. He rode his bike on a 21 mile round trip to the nearest Publix and loaded me up on fresh fruit, echinacea tea and red roses….ever girl knows, nothing beats a cold better than fresh flowers : ) The next night when I was getting my appetite back he made a fabulous dinner of fresh caught blackened grouper, red beans & rice and sauteed squash with garlic & onions. I spent much of the day combing the beach for treasure as we wrap up our stay here in Sebastian Inlet. Tim is sad to leave. He has fallen in love with the charm of the area.

The next 6 glorious days we were in Vero Beach on a mooring ball, we got lucky and our next door neighbor was Tom & Wendy that we had met in Palm Coast! The town is nicknamed “Velcro Beach” and we quickly found out why…Tim surprised me with box seats to the opening weekend of “Guy’s & Doll’s” at the Riverside Theater. It was fabulous and just a short walk from the marina. We also enjoyed “Art in the Park” and toured the museum. Vero, provides free shuttle service to just about anywhere. So, being curious….we enjoyed the sites throughout the town. While in Vero, we had the pleasure of meeting Tony Smith (The original designer & builder of the Gemini Catamaran) who has just retired and is enjoying some much deserved down time on his own Gemini II. He was intrigued by all the changes we had made to the original design. We were only two blocks from the ocean and on our last night we strolled along the shore, enjoying ice cream while watching the beautiful full moon come up over the crystal clear aqua ocean. What could be better than that?

Danger!, Danger!, Danger! Tim & I thought we would have a nice leisurely sail out the Fort Pierce Inlet…..Now I know what it must have been like on the Titanic. With the full moon and the outgoing tide we ripped through the inlet with waves crashing over the bow. Tim asked me to go below to access the damage. Just as I headed in the master berth we dipped down and a huge wave came crashing over the bow of the boat and water had forced the hatch open and the ocean pour in….OK, I was terrified. Tim on the other hand was ready to raise the sails and blow across the ocean to the next inlet. He must of saw the terror in my eyes because he opted for heading back to the nice calm ICW.

Again, I thank everyone for the constant prayers!!!! Love to all! 





A New Year!




It’s finally warm enough to open all the hatches and let the sea breeze flow throughout the cabins. We spent much of the last day of 2010 reflecting on all we had to be thankful for and quickly realized how blessed we really are. All four of our children are healthy, happy and following their dreams. We have so many wonderful friends cheering us on as we fulfill a dream of our own and we have been fortunate to make many new friends through the boating community that are getting us up to speed. I am excited to know that our paths WILL cross again…and we look forward to creating even more memories together.

I never thought living on a sailboat would be so freeing….whatever your dream is….don’t wait. Start putting all the pieces together now & go for it….I have a feeling that 2011 will be full of even more great adventures 

Sebastian Inlet


It’s funny how life is. We have several guide books, web sites & special forums to direct us to places for anchor, but God directed Tim to a little marina completely off the radar. Inlet Marina is FABULOUS! Dan, the dock master has been incredible. He found us the perfect slip so we could easily access our kayaks. Dan even opened up his home to let us catch up on laundry. Our next door neighbor is a “Treasure Finder” that’s right…not a “Treasure Hunter”. His best friend is from Ecuador. He has a resort near the active volcano called “Banjo’s” and he is married to a real life Ecuadorian movie star. After only being at our dock for a couple of hours we met Ruth & Sebastian. They are on a their six month honeymoon traveling by bicycle across the United States. They are in their final two weeks before returning to Germany. We could not resist…we asked them to dinner to hear all about their adventures.

The highlight of our weekend was having my Jo Jo stay with us! She arrived Saturday morning and we literally pushed it in high gear. We road our bikes for miles discovering all the secrets of Sebastian Inlet. What a hidden jewel this place is. The history behind the many shipwrecks was fascinating. Learning about all the sunken treasure and how it’s still be found today right along the beach shore is incredible! And to think….I use to look for shark teeth, now it’s gold, silver & jewels : ) We had a wonderful dinner with our new honeymoon friends and through their stories we fell in love with the United States all over again. On Sunday we found a lovely church called “Chapel by the Sea”. We met a family there that sailed around the world and they invited us to dinner (if we are still here) to tell us all about it. Before Joann had to head back, God arranged a beautiful day for us on the water kayaking. The dolphins, pelicans and scenery made an extra special weekend, extraordinary !



Our 1st Passenger!





It was hard to leave Mosquito Lagoon. Tim was skimming across the clear glassy waters in his kayak just in time to spot a school of Red fish tailing and at the same time he was blessed with a double rainbow just as the sun was rising. He could not decide what was a prettier site…

We pulled anchor and continued our journey south to the Titusville City Marina. It was so cool to see our friends Tom & Wendy of “Blue Whale” soon after arriving. Tim and I decided to explore on our bikes and enjoyed several parks, restaurants and a really cool bakery. The next day our sailing partners from the Sea Star (Hud, Stacey & Malissa) arrived. We had such a good time together and look forward to anchoring with them throughout this journey. All of us had been dreaming of sailing together for the last two years….and here we are together living it out. It’s still hard for us to grasp at times.

We are excited to tell you that we have picked up our very first passenger. Tim’s aunt Carolyn has joined our crew for the next leg of the journey….but we could not leave Titusville without visiting the Space center. It’s easy to see why the United States is envied by the world when it comes to space explorations really makes you proud to be an American. Tim, Aunt Carolyn,Uncle Royce and myself had a fabulous day and topped it with dinner at Dixie Cross Roads.

Our next leg will bring us through the waters that lead to Sebastian Inlet, but before we can get there we find a little island half way between the two locations. It’s just a little spoil island that Tim tucked us behind as we battled our very first storm. It had all the makings of a good story line with gusty winds, scary clouds, lots of rain and even some thunder & lightening. Aunt Carolyn was a real trooper and it didn’t seem to phase her as we spun in circles most of the night. Tim did an excellent job setting the two anchors Praise God !!