Monthly Archives: February 2011

Falling in Love with Stuart


Stuart has been very, very good for us. Tim has really kicked it into high gear here and has knocked out everything on his project list. He has really amazed me with all the improvements. Now that there is NOTHING left for him to do….it’s time to get serious about fishing! Meanwhile, I have enjoyed the open art days with Malissa & Stacey by the pool, going to the movies and completing some projects of my own.

A special thank you for wonderful fellowship and a fabulous meal goes out to the Kirms. It was such a nice treat to be invited over and just enjoy this time together. As an added bonus, after dinner Stacey, Malissa and I indulged in some of the amenities and relaxed in the dry sauna, steam room and hot tub..what a way to spend an evening!!!!

On the 12th we had a double date for the sold out Valentines banquet. The church was beautifully transformed to capture the romantic atmosphere as we celebrated Gods love through marriage. It was so exciting to see so many wonderful marriages being modeled. There were many couples that have been married for over 50 years, but the longest was 69 years!!! The band “Three Bridges” was fabulous along with the guest speaker and the prime rib dinner.

Godiva, roses and a romantic get away cruise was how we spent our Valentines. Peck lake was a 2 hour sail south of Stuart. We glided into a half moon shaped cove surrounded by mangroves in water that was only 31 inches deep. We then paddled our kayaks to the sandy shore and found a somewhat hidden path that directed us over the dunes to the beautiful 7 miles private beach. The scenery was breathtaking and to add to this wonderful blessing, Tim caught a nice big fish each night just as the sun was setting.

Moonlight…..nothing is more memorizing then gazing at the beautiful full moon through the open hatch as we drift off to sleep. Good night all!!! Keeping you close in our hearts and prayerys!


The Joy of Fellowship!


Have you ever wonder what you would do in life if you actually had the opportunity to REALLY live out each moment..before leaving on this adventure I would daydream about how I would spend my days…and those days seem to dictated by the weather. Thankfully, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL here in Stuart.

Several mornings I had the pleasure of kayaking with girlfriends and then we take a nice long walk along the water and across bridge. We seem to hit it just right because on Sunday afternoons there are free jazz concerts that are showcased against the backdrop of the river. It is so cool to see whole families relaxing and taking in the sweet sounds.

Tim & I were blessed by sponsoring & making a meal for 35 people through the church. We planned out the menu, road our bikes to publix, carefully loaded all the contents into our bike baskets and then road to the church. We were in heaven cooking in a HUGE kitchen. It’s funny how we took such a simple act for granted all these years. It was so much fun to serve others and get to meet other sister & brothers in Christ at the same time. We hope that God will open doors for us to do this more often.

It’s official, I am now married to a choir boy! Tim had his debut on Sunday. He looked so handsome in his white robe. It emphasized his dark rich tan he has from being on the water. I’ll have to get a good picture for share.

What better way to spend the super bowl than a chili cook off party at the 1st Baptist church where I was asked to be a judge : ). I have never done that before….it was pretty cool. One of the other judges was “Chip Alley” of the Baltimore Orioles. I have to admitted, going to watch football was not on my list of “favorite” things to do, but we really had a great time and we even left with a whole “chocolate” football! Tim must have shared with Pastor Darrel on how to speak to my spirit : )

I posted our new name & logo and we will be having a boat blessing before leaving Stuart! Love & Miss you all!!!!!