Monthly Archives: March 2011

Tim & Golf!


March 26, 2011 was Tim’s very first time golfing and thanks to the other three members on his team (Skip, Bernie & Steve) it was a FABULOUS experience. Oh no….this could become another hobby….now how can we fit golf clubs on the boat?  

The Gift of Friendships


Where to begin…..time is slipping away from me. So many highlights…Our pastor was kind enough to come out and bless our boat. “In His Time” has already given us an opportunity to witness to others. Tim has finished up his 6 week study on “The man code” and really enjoyed being connected and meeting such an awesome group of men. We have a great group of friends through Sunday school & choir and the thought of leaving is getting harder & harder.

Hud let me catch a ride north to spend the weekend in Palm Coast and celebrate life with Jojo & Yvette. It was so cool to be there for their birthdays, visit with my small group, catch up with friends, go to PC3 & stop in and see Stephen at JT’s. The weekend flew by! It was such a pleasure getting to know Kim (from Colorado) and staying with Jojo. Nothing beats a weekend with the girls….got my toes painted, some time at the beach and even saw a whale & her baby swimming by Sea Colony!

We continue to be in awe at the beauty God surrounds us with. I have added the “moon set” pics with this post. We also spent a whole day sailing with both sails….It was heavenly! One of you must be praying for the fish….Tim, Hud and I continue our quest …..we have caught many….but have yet to have them for dinner. PS To all you “farkle” players….Tim rolled 6 of a kind yesterday…..He’s the King : ) Blessing to all