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Naples Great Canoe Race


Upon arriving to “City of Naples Marina” we quickly found out that our marina was hosting the “35th Annual Great Canoe Race” today! It attracts thousands of spectators by land and sea and it we had a front row seat for all the festivities. The theme this year was Rednecks or Royalties and the crowd really got into the spirit. It was a lot of fun and then after we continued our tour of this quaint little town .

The Beauty of Naples


Naples is a little over the top! Multi million dollar homes are everywhere and yet Gods backdrop is even more spectacular.

Waking this morning, we quickly found out that we were anchored in a real hot spot for fishing. Just as the sun was coming up the glassy water quickly turned to a jacuzzi with fish bubbling all around us. Tim raced for his pole and hit the water pulling up several Spanish Mackels & Jacks. He also made a new friend. A dolphin followed close behind him and every time he released a fish the dolphin eagerly accepted it as his breakfast.

The glass minnows are so thick you feel like you can walk across them to land. The birds are everywhere feasting on a never ending banquet and just as we are heading back to the boat a manatee surfaces to say hello….

We reluctantly pulled our anchor and continued on our way 

Fort Myers


It is so amazing to step back and watch Gods plan unfold…as most of you know we spent 3 months in Stuart and while there we made a lot of wonderful friends that are now part of our family. Kim Orman told us about her uncle in Fort Myers and that increased our new family with Sam & Donna. They were so kind and gave us the tour of the city while sharing their love for Jesus. We hope & pray that we can be apart of the vision and help build the orphanage in the Bahamas…let us know if you want to join us!

We spent 5 days in downtown Fort Myers before heading to the the Gulf. We toured Edison’s estate and finally started walking again…miles & miles. Then we headed west, sailing most of the day (amazing!) I am happy to report the gulf is so much smoother than the Atlantic! We explored all those cool remote islands via dingy…we found several private beaches and lots of shells. The water is clear & beautiful and we can finally swim! Tonight we are anchored in million “Dollar Bay” in Naples.

Thanks for all the prayers and blessings to you all!!!




Heading WEST Across Florida


Nothing but WIDE open water……the sun is setting and the wind is picking up…love that free energy : ) Tim did a fantastic job today and thank you Jesus for the PERFECT weather .

The journey continues… we glide along the waterway and listen to the soothing sounds rushing along the hulls, we can’t help but be in awe. Beautiful birds run along the shoreline keeping constant awareness of the alligators just beneath the surface. Love bugs have found a new home clinging to our decks and the “locks” that seemed terrifying yesterday are now apart of our daily routine. It’s funny that the things we are most afraid of are eliminated once we have experienced them. As we witness another glorious sunset and we anchor for the night we are surrounded by tarpon and the sounds of wild peacocks in the distance. I am so grateful for this experience, to see life from our little sailboat. It is so different from a road trip. It’s a much slower pace, marked with breathtaking scenery and an opportunity to just listen ……




Saying our Goodbyes in Stuart


Easter sunrise service with wonderful friends, a woman’s conference and the Easter Fair with First Baptist Church was a perfect way to wrap up our 3 month stay in Stuart! God has brought some fabulous women into my life and I will be forever grateful for their friendship. Much love & blessings….see you all in December