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Hurricane Irene



Once again God has decided to grace us with wisdom….I can now say that we have been through a direct hit category 3 hurricane while passing through the Bahamas on our sailing adventure. Green Turtle Cay is only 3 &1/2 miles long and & 1/2 mile wide. It sits north of Nassau and looks incredibly small on the map in this vast ocean of water.

We arrived in Black Sound last Saturday, just as the storm was brewing in the Caribbean. Donny had invited us to stay with him in his two story home that overlooked the bay. In return we helped secure various motor & sailboats in the mangroves and prepared the house as well. We had 2 days, and it was just enough time. While we were at the house, our boat was nestled in the mangroves surrounded on three sides. Tim had managed to swim through the mangroves creating a spiderweb of lines holding the boat in all directions.

Just as we were wrapping it up, the first bands from the storm arrived. The constant roar of the wind blocked out much of the sound of thunder. Black sound bay was transformed from glassy calm to a raging sea with waves crossing the dock and beating against the hulls of the boats. Felling the power of the wind as the roof shuddered above us was intense. We could watch through the slats that covered the 9 french doors that wrapped around the front of the house from the second floor and only pray that all was well.

United together through the VHF radio the island was alive with updates. The main town was flooded with four feet of water during the surge. The 120 mile per hour wind with gust to 140 brought down most of the trees and debris was everywhere. Thankfully, no lives were lost and everyone came together to quickly restore this tiny little island. Giving God the praise & glory for being spared. I also have to add, that with the storm we were blessed with several days without misquotes!!!! Many thanks for all your prayers! 


Green Turtle


We were blown away with the over abundance of flowers and the adorable homes on this island. Unlike Grand Bahamas or Bimini this Cay had hills and lots of them! Tim & I really got an excellent workout while we biked from one end to the other. We found a crescent shaped bay surrounded by palm trees and the must incredible crystal clear water. It reminded me of the paradise that we all dream about. We also found a great little church and the pastor & his wife (Victor & Dina) had us over for lunch after the service. It was just one of the many blessings on this fabulous island!  



Sailing through the Abaco Sea




After a month at the Ocean Reef Resort in Grand Bahamas it was time to set sail again. We had originally planned to meet up with Pastor Ferrell in Nassau to work on the orphanage but unbeknownst to us, he had passed away while we were sailing across the gulf. Not knowing where God was going to lead us next we headed for the Abacos.

The water was a little rough coming on the Atlantic and Tim & I were a little nervous knowing we had to cross the main channel where all the cruise ships and freighters enter & exit. We felt very tiny sailing past these giants on the water.

The water became calm as we entered the Abaco Sea and the clouds lifted. We anchored for the night at Little Sale Cay. Tim & I wanted to do some exploring and quickly found that there may not be people on these islands, but there were very large wild hogs! I am sure Tim was re-thinking our dinner plans.

The next few days seemed like one thunderstorm after the next. We think God was just trying to build our confidence. Each cay (pronounced key) had it’s own feel. We had so much fun searching for shells, swimming and enjoying Gods glorious creations!