Monthly Archives: September 2011




Ecuador was fabulous! The cool, crisp air at 10,000 was a nice change from the heat of the Bahamas. I was so grateful to Pam for giving me an inside look at all the beauty Ecuador holds. From the mountains to the shore there was so much to take in and even after 10 days….there is still much to see. Until next time! 


Heading Back to the States

I am meeting  Pam in Miami for a 10 day buying trip to Ecuador. What could be better than shopping with my girlfriend while exploring another country…..Tim will be holding down the sailboat here in Man-O-War Cay, Yes, my trip begins on 9 11 11 and It’s been a pretty exciting day. Great church service, followed by a powerboat ride racing across the Abaco Sea. Pastor Randy flew me to West Palm on his plane….way cool! It was neat being the only passenger. I am so excited to be back in the states…even if it’s only for 1 day. Now…..what to eat? So many choices…… 





We had heard so much about how beautiful this island was, but unfortunately we arrived after the hurricane came through and ripped most of the leaves from the tress and the sea water turned the once vibrant green shrubs to brown….Everyone was in good spirits and know that this will all grow back in time. Due to the storm, just about EVERYTHING was closed down. Tim and I began to explore and found a wonderful church at the top of the hill.

God is so very good!!! That Sunday we were in for a real treat. Pastor Randy Crowe & his wife Paula were from New Symra! It felt like coming home. Ralph & Donna invited us to lunch along with the Pastor & his wife after church. Ralph took us on the ferry across to Hope Town and yet another wonderful friendship was formed!