Monthly Archives: October 2011

Man-O-War, This could be Paradise!

Tim and I have fallen in love all over again….with this sweet little island. It’s hard to believe how perfect this island is until you experience it for yourself. The water is breathtaking and so crystal clear. I sincerely hope I never take this for granted. It’s full with the most beautiful shells, conch & lobster. It only took Tim a short time to discover his hidden talent in searching out lobster and spearing fish.


Pastor Randy and his wonderful wife Paula have been such a blessing to us. They truly live out their faith and are such great examples of God’s love in action. In addition to all the great works they do on the island, they also head up island outreach to the surrounding islands and 2 orphanages.

The highlight of my days here on Man-O-War have been working with the students at the elementary school. There are 23 children from first – sixth grade and it didn’t take very long for them to capture my heart. They love God, school and have such a thirst for knowledge. It’s a real joy being able to teach them about computers and in return learning about the Bahamas.