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Leaving Man-O-War and Heading Back to the States




Not only was it hard for Tim & I to say good bye to all our friends at Man-O-War….I am starting to think that “In His Time” also didn’t want to leave. First our brand new engine that we bought just before leaving the states last year…stop working. After 2 days of Tim working on it, we are finally off and sailing…well almost. We go to open our jib and the wheel at the top that should spin to open the sail was stuck…..We used only our main sail until to reached Manjack Cay for the night. We tucked our selves deep in a whole blocking 90% of the wind as we tried to unfurl our LARGEST jib……needless to say we were the main entertainment for the other 4 boats that were anchored.

Day two started with lots of prayer and a steak and eggs (compliments of Micah’s chickens) breakfast. We got all the way to Great Sale Cay before the engine starts acting strange again. We anchor for the night surrounded by a fleet of motor yachts that arrived shortly after us. At first light Tim checks the engine and its a go.

With 3 days of beautiful weather, we can see West End. We are just about 500 feet from the majorly turbulent churning waters where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Abaco Sea when all of a sudden our engine just dies….I drop the anchor while Tim checks the engine. He restarts it and everything seems to be all right, except I can’t get the anchor up. Tim races to the bow and uses all that manly strength and saves the day.

I am now at my post on the bow while we continue towards West End. Tim is telling me the “Plan B” just in case it happens again….but I am looking at the waves about to crash over the bow and just pray we make it to the dock. With our adrenalin high we see the harbor, get safely inside before I take down the main. We already know the weather report….a front coming our way. As I type this message to you it’s pouring down rain and the wind is picking up speed. I am glad to be at the dock…even if it’s a $100 dollars a night. It looks like Tuesday is the next possible weather window to cross the gulf stream with only a main and an unpredictable engine.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. We see so many miracles daily. We know it’s only with the grace of God that we have made it this far. Much love and blessing to all!