Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cool Breezes


Now we know why so many boaters spend their winters in the Bahamas! The temperature is perfect with bright sunny warm days and cool gentle breezes at night. It sure beats hot & sticky with the threat of a hurricane!

It was wonderful to jump right back in and volunteer with the kids from the local school. In our first week I was excited to go to the Abaco spelling bee and watch our students shine. We also worked on our plan for the hydroponic garden. Tim (even on his diet!) helped with the teens make 35 pizzas for their fund raiser.

New Life Bible Church continues to be our constant. We are so thankful for the men & women’s bible study, to be surrounded by other believers and to grow in knowledge as we celebrate life together. Randy & Paula held a movie night at the church and showed “Courageous”. The message was so perfect and appropriate for what we face in today’s world. I highly recommend it!!

To top of our week, we sailed to Marsh Harbor and went to the annual “Art in the Park” for a full day of festivities.

I have to close by telling you that we made it all the way to the end!!!! Day 23 of our diet!!! Tim has lost a total of 34 lbs and I have lost 19 lbs. I am glad we did it…..but even happier to have it behind us!!!  







Colin in the FINAL 5!!!!



Back to the Bahamas!



We started our way to the inlet at 4:30am in total darkness working our way through moored sailboats and then finally the main channel. Our VHF radio was alive with activity as other boaters were also taking advantage of what turned out to be a beautiful day to be on the water. It started a little bumpy, but as the sun began to come up it seemed a little less scary as the backdrop of West Palm Beach started to faded with distance.

It’s hard to believe that this is our third crossing and even though we have done this before, Tim and I are always in awe of how beautiful the ocean is and how very small and insignificant you feel when there is absolutely nothing within your vision except ocean and then you realize that that ocean goes for 3,000 feet below you….the wind was light and the swells diminished to less than 1 foot as we neared the Bahamas.

We anchored just inside the bank after a 10 hour sail. We watched the sunset and thank God for his protection. About 1:00am it started getting pretty bouncy so Tim decided we should head for cover. We sailed through the night to Great Sale, took a 2 hour nap and then headed to Fox town. We arrived just before sunset and finally called it a night. Today we only had to do 29 miles to Green Turtle. We cleared customs and now…..time to rest up before heading to Man-O-War in the morning!

My thanks for all your prayers!!!! Much love to all!

Update on our diet! We are at day 13 – Tim has lost 27lbs and I have lost 17. I’ll write more about it later. 

Leaving Stuart


We loved being able to join our worship team this morning with the First Baptist Church of Stuart choir. One week is not enough time to love on all our dear sisters & brothers!!!! We will miss you all and promise to stay MUCH longer on our return. We can feel your prayers for our safe journey and thank God for our precious friendship. No matter where we are, know that we hope to share this journey with all of you through our blog, but if anyone wants to join us…..please do! We welcome stowaways!

We are excited to report that after 8 days…..Tim has lost 24 lbs and I have lost 14. I have found a real passion for creating these fabulous meals…..I find myself waking up in the morning anxious to create something wonderful and delicious out of the very limited list of items we are allowed to eat. So….when we get back, if anyone wants to  try this diet and needs someone to cook all their meals for them…..I am your girl!

We leave first thing in the morning for Lake Worth and just this afternoon God placed some other boaters in our life that just happen to be going to the Bahamas on Wednesday morning, coincidence? I  think not! We serve such an amazing God! Much love & blessings to all!  


Vero Beach


After 2 days on the hook my sweet pea was ready to stretch his legs. We decided to stop in Vero Beach and take a ball for the night. It also happened to be the last night of our food fest before starting our 500 calorie HCG diet. So we walked through the back roads of Vero that are lined with big beautiful oak trees covered in Spanish moss. They created a fairy tail setting for a great night. We went to Nino’s pizza and had an Italian feast before walking along the ocean. It was flat calm and perfect with an almost full moon rising…..if only we had been in Palm Beach, it would have been a great night for a crossing. We got back just in time to watch the sunset and see the rowing team make their final pass for the night. Only 30 more miles to Stuart!  


The Adventure Continues Year 2!!!


What a wonderful way to spend the month. It was a whirl wind of excitement to catch up with all our friends. Thanks to all of you for such a nice homecoming. It felt incredible to pull back into our home port at Palm Coast Marina and to be greeted by all our friends that gave us such a solid foundation in this sailing lifestyle. It is nice to know that somethings do not change! Last year we soaked in all of your stories about the adventures and tried to pick up as much wisdom as we could….and I know it had to shock just a few of you we made it all the way back, LOL! We will be forever grateful.

Tim & I cherished every get together, lunch, dinner and even breakfast to hear about all that we have missed over the last year and know that you have been in our prayers. We will be holding you close to our hearts as our great adventure continues into year 2.

I put together this blog Of some of the highlights of year 1 on the water for all our friends that do not have face book and wanted to keep in touch. This is my first attempt at a blog & website and I welcome any advice.