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Treasure Cay & Green Turtle Cay


Yesterday morning came with a beautiful sunrise and greetings from several sea turtles. We had anchor right outside the main bay behind a small sandbar off Treasure Cay. The water was alive with these beautiful creatures as they floated along the crystal clear waters harvesting their breakfast. As they surfaced their small heads would turn towards us as if inviting us for a swim. The light was sparkling across the water like diamonds and the only sound was the gentle break over the sandbar. Reluctantly, we pulled up anchor, opened up the jib and sailed away to see what other treasures awaited us.


I must tell you that we actually sailed with the wind… was a beautiful thing. We had both sails out with the motor off! It was so incredibly peaceful (not to mention fuel efficient). We are slowly learning how to harness this energy with much practice and even more patients…Sailing is most definitely about enjoying the adventure and not worrying if you will ever make it to your destination by sunset. You have to be ready to see where God takes you and willing to anchor off the charts. That’s what makes this whole trip more exciting!


We could see ribbons of color across the water of aqua, green, blue and teal. The bottom lays before you as if looking through clear class with big beautiful orange & red sea stars smiling up towards the sun. I could spend hours & hours swimming in these waters never tiring of the under water beauty. Hoping to commit to memory the marvels that the Lord has produced here.


As we head back towards Man-O-War Cay a cold front comes through forcing us to turn around rather than face the huge swells that could cause us to bottom out where the crossing is only 5 feet deep. As we make our turn 7 dolphins ride the surf with us on the following sea leading us back to safety. I tried to capture them swimming along our bow…I now wish I had shot a video. It was so incredible that I had a hard time looking away long enough to run for my camera.

It still blows my mind….that this is our life, even if it all ended today….it’s been amazing.  

Life on the Island



As most of you know I volunteer with the school 3 days a week. I just love all those children. Prior to my arrival they had a head lice scare. Just thinking about it is making me itchy. Well of course I had to get checked when the nurse came out to our island to do the second screening. So, there I sat right in front of the school in the middle of town for all to see…..It was a HUGE relief to here the words “all clean”.

We that behind us we could focus on the garden. Tim came out and helped preparing all the buckets and cutting back all the trees. The children have started all their seeds and meticulously recorded the daily transformations. We also started their blog

Everyone in the community has been so wonderful about donating all the items we needed to get this off the ground. Many Thanks!!!


Valentines on the island was highly celebrated. We went to two Valentines dinner parties and thoroughly enjoyed not only a fabulous feast but getting to spend time enjoying the company of our new friends. At school Mandy, Carol & I made heart shaped pancakes for the entire school for breakfast. The whole day was full of festivities and LOTS of treats! So glad my diet is over. After 23 days I lost 19 lbs and maintaining my new weight and Tim lost 47lbs after 40 days and is also doing very well at his new weight.


I have been keeping pretty busy with photo shoots and making them into music videos. I have been posting them on my face book and uploading them to YouTube. Thinking of opening up shop when I return to the states, I certainly have enough practice.

Gods favor was upon Man-O-War with an absolutely beautiful day. Temperatures in the low 80’s, light winds, calm seas and lots of sunshine! I had my Ecuadorian debut yesterday at the annual fair. It was so much fun to set up my display and have yet another opportunity to make some new friends and share the good news! They said about 2000 people came to the event, and for a 2 ½ mile long island with a population of 300…..that’s a big deal!  


Hope Town on Elbow Cay


On this trip we decided to do all our volunteer work Monday – Wednesday so we could spend Thursday – Saturday exploring! Tim surprised me by sailing to Lynyard Cay. It’s an excellent place to go if you enjoy shelling or searching for sea glass. The best part was, we had the whole place to ourselves! Tim dropped me off and I spent the ENTIRE afternoon combing through these priceless treasures. Listening to the waves crash against the rocky shore brought my thoughts to my heavenly Father. I spent my time singing praises, in prayer and thanking God for this amazing opportunity.

Today we sailed into Hope Town on Elbow Cay. It seems VERY popular with the boaters based on the harbor that was bumper to bumper with every kind of boat. We took a dingy ride in to get a closer look at the brightly colored adorable cottages. The views were amazing and the WAVES were the best we’ve seen the entire trip! We used this trip to scout out the perfect place for Tim to do a christian surf camp for the children back on Man-O-War. Then we spent our nights reviewing surf movies to show the kids when we get back!


We climbed to the top of the lighthouse for the most spectacular view of the entire island…..We bought a Key Lime pie fresh out of the oven and then to top it off we had fresh lobster salad for dinner… glad I am off my diet!