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ICC – Last weekend in North Carolina

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost over. Our time here has been incredible. I love how no matter where we are in life, because of Christ we are surrounded by “family”. We have felt so much love from our fellow ICC’ers, the amazing staff …with their none stop energy and passion for equipping new missionaries for the field. The army of volunteers that keep JAARS, Inc. up and running and the out pouring compassion from our Arabic Church.
This weekend we were treated to a Christian play at NarroWay Productions where we met 2 wonderful Christian couples that are now part of our prayer team. 
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On Sunday, our Pastor & his wife invited us to their home for a traditional Lebanese lunch that was indescribable….every dish was fabulous…and there was ALOT of dishes! The only thing better than the food was being a part of their family and learning all about their culture & traditions. Even though this was our last Sunday service with Pastor Lahoud…they will now forever be a part of our “God story” and part of our prayer team.
After we left, we headed to downtown Charlotte to see the CS Lewis play “The great Divorce”.
DSCN1454 DSCN1456 DSCN1460
Thanking God for all of the people his has brought into our lives and asking him to cover them in His grace! Much love & blessings!!!

ICC – Out & About…it finally stopped snowing!

Finally! The sun came out, the snow began to melt and my sweetheart was ready to test the roads….little did I know he wanted to go all the way into town to pick up all the fixing’s for a steak dinner and Valentine treats Life is good….a little cold, but always good! Thanking God we still have power. Much love & blessings

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ICC – Frozen In NC!

Last night before we went to bed Tim cleared all the snow off the car and then this morning… was covered in a thick layer of ice! All the doors were frozen shut. For a Florida boy who never played in the snow before….he can cross it off his list….FOREVER Life as a missionary…you never know where God is going to send you! Much love & blessings from your cabin fever friends in Waxhaw, NC!


 DSCN1373 DSCN1380

ICC – Meet our Papua New Guinea Family

With school being canceled today we decided to have a pot luck lunch with all the people/families that are going to Papua New Guinea. We learned last week how important it is to stick together on the field. We will be each others “family” so far away from the states and even though Tim & I will not have children with us, we need to reach out and be a help to these incredible young families that are bringing their sweet little children to the field. We are in awe of them and the way they have answered the call so early in life.
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ICC – More snow! School cancelled again :(

Looks like another snow day tomorrow….hmmm perfect time to work ahead on our homework and stay warm….or make more snow angels!!!!

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