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Island Home Coming!

Is this a dream? Can we really be here surrounded by the children that bring so much joy to my life? Each day was like finding new treasure being with our island family and thanking God for the beautiful friendships that continue to stir my heart. We wake to the sound of roosters in the distance and catch a glimpse of the sun just beginning to stretch across the sky. Excited to see what God was going to reveal next.

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Time…we wasted not even a minute as we shared every meal with different families and carved out one on one conversations that we savored even more than the delicious food. God knew well in advance that this would be a time of rest, encouragement and love and we are so very grateful for our time here in the Bahamas.

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A time of rest – The past year has been a bit overwhelming with so many exciting changes; going back to college, becoming a missionary with Wycliffe, training at JAARS, training at Wycliffe, selling our sailboat home, selling our land home and now living completely by faith for EVERYTHING… I am thankful for the ocean breezes, some alone time spent with Jesus, the beautiful sanctuary retreat at Philip & Mandy’s, and just the opportunity to relax a little.

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A time of encouragement – We were warned during our training that becoming a missionary and bringing Gods word to the bibleless people would make us a target for the enemy. I can tell you first hand that is true…but I have been shielded from so much through your prayers and the out flowing of your encouraging words. Every kind word, email, note, call….was always at the right time and has encouraged us to press on and for that I cannot thank you enough!

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A time of love – Coming back to Man O War was something we only dreamed about, but as the plans began taking shape and our excitement grew each step was being ordered before us. As our boat glided  across the water on a beautiful sunny day, we arrive at our favorite island to the sweet faces of the children to welcome us home.  I could barely hold back tears of joy. Every moment was wrapped in love all the way throughout our stay. On our last night we got to share our hearts and Gods call for us to go to Papua New Guinea. The love that was shown was overwhelming. Many are now taking this journey with us as financial & prayer partners.

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Only God could have put us together with the people of the Bahamas and made them partners in bringing His word to the other side of the world! We thank you for your love and the protection of your prayers! Much love & blessings to all!

It’s a “Freight” day!

God goes above and beyond with His incredible increase…we left the Bahamas almost a year ago on our little 30’ catamaran and return on a 258’ freight ship!


Upon arriving at the port we went through 2 security check points and then greeted by Bob who made sure all our luggage was palletized and shrink wrapped for the voyage before whisking us off to “The Duke”.


It felt like we were stepping into a beehive with a swarm of activity buzzing all around us. There were trucks, fork lifts and giant stilt like contraptions moving about. It looked like something right out of a transformer movie.


Captain Mike made us feel right at home. He gave us a quick tour before returning to the numerous responsibilities he has. We learned that every man on board has multiple roles and that he has an international crew. Most have been with the Duke for years!


We are in cabin 23. It has 2 port holes that looked forward over the freight and unto the most beautiful sunrise. Our room was well equipped with a full bed on the bottom and a twin bunk above. There was a built-in desk, TV, DVD player, 2 sitting areas, closet and bathroom complete with a hot shower!

DSCN2477 DSCN2474

Our room was conveniently located across from the galley with a chef that was always at the ready. Every time I walked by he was busily preparing the next meal or cleaning up after the last. The ship was neat, clean and orderly. Off the galley was a dining area that could easily accommodate the entire crew, but it seemed like everyone ate in shifts.


For all our “foodie” friends, our dinner was roasted pork hoagie sandwiches packed with fresh veggies & cheese with a side of wedged potatoes and for breakfast we had 2 eggs over medium, a pile of bacon, 2 slices of toast, fresh fruit and juice. There was always plenty of coffee, hot & cold tea and ice water. What more could you need?

DSCN2566 DSCN2564

The entire experience has exceeded all my expectations and I am so thankful for our friends in the Bahamas that made this experience possible. Thanking God for letting the weather be a PERFECT 10! Flat calm, slick as glass seas and a beautiful cool breeze!


Hmm…wondering, is God preparing us to take a freight boat to Papua New Guinea with the ferry-boat that needs to be sent across….stay tuned! Much love & blessings!