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God’s Big Family @ Bennington Vermont


What’s up? Well Vermont is, at least from a Floridian’s perspective. We were on the road again, this time with our First Baptist of Stuart Family as we served in Vermont.  I figured it was summer and Gina and I would be safe from frostbite.

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I guess many of you may be scratching your heads. Why are they going there when they have their own needs in ministry? In the natural way of thinking it does not make sense. But God looks at things different than man. We learned in our missionary training from Phillipians 2: 1-4,

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“If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also the interests of others.”

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We go to give and not to get, and God has always been faithful when we go as a humble servants.

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We arrived a day early and were able to tour the different job sites. Todd, Bob and I were tasked with building a wheelchair ramp at a home in Petersberg, New York, for men that are under very strict probation. Their crimes were serious and I will leave it at that. Remember everyone needs to be shown the love of God.

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We traveled next to Pownal , Vermont to Faith Christian Fellowship Church pastored by Jerry Frey. He had the need of installing bathroom vanities in a new home under construction for a pastor and his family. Tom Snipes would also give a terrific message the next day at Sunday service.

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Our next stop was Northeastern Baptist College Library. There was an abundance of projects to be completed. Cataloging books, painting, drywall finishing, finish trim, and installing ceilings. 

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The opportunities to minister to the folks of Vermont were many. Gina and I are so proud of our brother and sisters from Stuart and how they tackled all these projects with enthusiasm and God’s love.

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The ministries were numerous, nursing homes, prisons, VBS, patriot choir singing and several different construction projects. We were able to pray for many in Vermont and 52 persons accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Plus many seeds were planted and we are hoping for a bountiful harvest. Very thankful for our family from Florida working in harmony with God’s big family in Vermont and for all of you that have been praying us through this journey!

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God’s BIG family @ First Baptist Church of Bunnell

How could you ever explain how God could use just regular people like us in such an extraordinary way! Regular folks with just the same hurts, hang-ups and problems that everybody faces daily.  But our God still uses people just like us as he did throughout history. And we are astonished at his hand in our life.

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We were blessed by Pastor Trawick’s invitation to come and present Wycliffe’s story about bible translation. Wycliffe’s story of reaching those without any scripture. Those that are in total darkness. How regular people hearing the call, using the skills that God has already given them, could change people’s eternal destination. What an honor!


As Gina and I began setting up our Wycliffe table and meeting the faithful who were coming to worship. I started to recognize familiar faces. You see I had received Jesus as my Savior, at this church back in 1997. Both Tommy and Olivia had also received Christ at this church. Old memories came flooding back. One of the ladies asked me if I remembered Ray Rummell.


Ray Rummell was one of the saints that taught my Sunday school class. One of the first examples of Christian faith that I remember fondly. Ray taught and modeled his faith in ways that touched every one he came in contact with. Well this day, I would be teaching Sunday school to the whole church. I really was humbled that God had lead me this far.

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Gina and I had a great time teaching Sunday school.  The lesson title was The Man for All Peoples. The “all nations, all peoples” salvation message of Jesus Christ. This study corresponded perfectly with Wycliffe’s ministry and Vision 2025.  Gina demonstrated the importance of having the bible in a translation that you could easily understand, by having four saints come up and read the different language bibles. We then transitioned into how God was going to use our skills and abilities on the mission field. We also demonstrated the long list of people groups without any scripture by unfolding the list of those people groups down the aisle of the sanctuary.

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Pastor Trawick introduced us at the main service and we were able to tell our God’s Story in 10 minutes. Then we went out with the children’s church group. God used Gina in a wonderful way to encourage and demonstrate how everyone could be a missionary. She used the people chain and the kid’s had a wonderful time.

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After service, we were treated to a great lunch and fellowship time at Woody’s Barbecue compliments of Pastor Trawick.  We were invited to come back that evening to enjoy a dinner and a movie.

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We returned that evening, and enjoyed another great meal and watched the movie, “Letters to God.” We are so thankful for the love and support shown to us this past Sunday. We are so thankful also for everyone who pledged their support through prayers and finances as we prepare to travel to Papua New Guinea. Thank you for Sending The Light!

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