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The “Art” of Giving….



(Me, Kelly & Michele)

God connects all the dots and makes a beautiful picture….Not long ago Tim & I had the pleasure of speaking to long time friends, neighbors & new friends at Epic Church. After the service something pretty cool happened that I wanted to share with you. I received this note of encouragement below:

I saw your interview with Trent at Epic and was inspired by your adventure. My daughter is a upcoming senior at FPC. Recently we joined Epic and immediately felt at home. I told her of your adventure and calling. She would like to help raise money for your journey. She is an artist and would like to sell her paintings for money towards your fund. Can we meet to discuss the above? Thanks, Michele

I thank God for teenagers like Kelly. She has a heart to serve and has found a way to be involved in missions. Her love & compassion in Art will help transform lives for eternity. She has started a face book page called The Art of Giving to show some of her colorful art work, while continuing to build her collection. Excited to see how God is working through her! Please wrap this precious girl in your prayers & consider buying her art to support our mission! Much love & blessings!!! 



Ready to learn!

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Exciting News!!!! God has opened a door for me to go to a 12 week school to learn all about Vernacular Media at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC.

You’re probably wondering, what is Vernacular Media? It’s media that is culturally appropriate and biblically accurate for a particular people group.

I shared with you already that I am going to Papua New Guinea and that there are 800 languages in this country. 300 Still have no written word and many of the 500 languages are not complete yet. During this process of bringing Gods word in the heart language of the people, we can use vernacular media to share the messages of the bible in a way that would be clear to them using media.

I’ll learn about using local drama, local music, using visual aids, storytelling and other techniques to teach the people and they will in turn share this with others.

I’ll learn how to do recordings of the nationals reading the bible in the heart language and then transferring this data to other devices so that it can be played to crowds, personal devices like cell phones or even over the air ways through radio stations.

I’ll learn how to use video, dubbing the Jesus film into the heart language of the people to play on large and small scales. As well as other bible stories.

These are just a few of the ways to share our love for Christ with the people of Papua New Guinea. I look forward to telling you more upon completion of training. Thank you for partnering with us and praying us through this incredible journey! Much love & blessings!!!