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Because He loves us….


By a series of opened doors we were asked to speak at Oak Harbor Baptist Church in Atlantic Beach…and the day before the Jacksonville paper ran our “God” story. The paper did not mentioned that we would be speaking in the area….

That night, after everyone left, Tim & I were in the parking lot with Pastor Randy and his wife Julie praising God for all that He was doing when a car slowly drove up next to us…. Julie went to see if she could help them and after a few minutes she said, “they came to see us?”

A lady got out of the car and asked us a few questions and then said, “God told me to come meet you”. She read the story in the paper the day before, then she found our web site and then our Facebook page. It mentioned that we would be at Oak Harbor, but not what time….They didn’t know where the church was or when we would be speaking. By faith she drove through Atlantic Beach, God led her to the church and then to us….after 8:00pm, after the service was long over….

Next, her husband got out of the car and he began telling us his story. His Mom & Dad were Missionaries from Norway and they were assigned to Papua New Guinea. He lived there just about his whole childhood from 5 to 18 and loved it…..

Then he told us about a family he wanted us to meet. They were FROM Papua New Guinea and God sent them TO Jacksonville, FL to minister to the people here…

Last night it all came together. It had been several months since God crossed our paths. Tim drove to Jacksonville, followed all the directions and found himself way out in the middle of a beautiful field. He had been asked to come to a traditional Papua New Guinea Mumu. There, surrounded by new friends he learned many things…but what really happened is… God prepared his heart to love the people of Papua New Guinea even before leaving the USA!

A special thank you to Cora & Per Einar for their listening ear, obedient hearts and this beautiful friendship. I hope to have a follow up story and tell you how we hosted them In PNG!

Much love & blessings!!!

Pictures from last nights event to follow! 

Art for Missions!


Using gifts from God to build His Kingdom in Papua New Guinea!

This weekend in Palm Coast, FL we have two different Art shows that are being held to help raise support and awareness for our mission to Papua New Guinea. Tonight, our dear friend Pat will be at the Hammock Wine & Cheese Shop & Gallery  She will be their featured Artist with her God inspired art on display in the gallery for the whole month of October.  Tomorrow our sweet friend Kelly will be at the International Festival.  Along with other high school art students that want to use their talents to glorify God. If you are in the area, please stop by, encourage, shop and tell your friends about it. Tim will be there and I will be dreaming about it from Waxhaw, NC! Much love and blessings!