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Week 2 of POC – 10 more to go!


Our family has increased by 6 pella! One of the many highlights this week was meeting our “Wasfemili”. We are in the Nobnob language area. This sweet family will mentor us, continue teaching us the language and culture of Papua New Guinea. We have a Was moma, papa and they have 4 pikinin’s. Two boys (man) & two girls (meri’s). Our Wasfemili speaks 4 languages. They speak Tok Pisin (the trade language), 2 Tok place languages (language of Nobnob & the language of Kar Kar) and some English. Needless to say that we were all nervous when we first met and had a traditional dinner together (just us & them) especially since we only had 4 tok pisin classes under our belt. To our great surprise we actually were able to communicate well….ok, maybe just good.

Tim and our Was Papa!

Tim and our Was Papa!

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Our Was papa helped us build our haus kuk (with only a machete and no other tools or nails). This is an outdoor kitchen area where we will be learning how to cook over open fires. We will also use this space when our Wasfemili comes to visit. This is very similar to what it will be like when we go to live in the village (minus the blue tarp). Tim & I are excited to learn how to cook all these incredible Papua New Guinea vegetables as well as rice & bread over an open fire!


On Thursday, I was just beginning to open my eyes as the room began to tremble, the whole bed started to shake. While I was deciding how I was going to fling back the mosquito net, wrap myself in my lap lap and head for the door, it stopped… our first of many earthquakes to come. Now, I understand why our pallet bed is designed the way it is….stay tuned for our video and you will see too!

Meanwhile, my amazing husband completed his one mile open ocean swim this week. He swam none stop the entire time. (The incredible part was, he had just recovered from 3 days of a high fever) One motivating factor could have been the extra-long needles of the sea orchins they have here. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t keep up with him. So, while Tim completed 800 meters I only did 500 meters. Thankfully we have a few more tries.

Two big changes for me:

  1. I vaguely remember the smell of Oscar De la renta. With the very real threat of Malaria, my new favorite scent of choice is deet!
  2. I found out that 1 (ordinary size) Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar is $9.00 USD….oh, how I miss chocolate, already!

We continue to thank God for you for sending us to the field! Much love & blessings from Papua New Guinea


Walking to the local church on Sunday in Nobnob….uphill 🙂



Week 1 in POC (Pacific Orientation Course)!

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It’s been an incredible week. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get over my jet lag. Prior to this, 4 hours was the longest flight we had taken and I have never been a wake longer than 24 hours straight. So, with over 50 hours of flying time across 6 days with several days with no sleep…I’m so glad that’s behind us!

We arrived after 7:00pm on the 13th and classes started the very next day! We go on a hike every morning at 6:00am and then again at 4:30pm. When I say hike….I mean down the mountain on an unpaved rut filled dirt road…and that’s the easy part, we have to come back up.

9 11

This week classes have been on medical safety, water safety, nutrition and we started learning Tok Pisin. On our morning hikes we have been praying that this language comes easy to us (I was dreaming about Tok Pision phrases!) It will be essential in building friendships with the local people and sharing the Gospel with them.

Did I mention we started our swim program? First, we got a whole lecture on all the dangers of what’s lurking in the water here, then they piled us up in the back of the PMV Public Motor Vehicle). We drove all the way down the mountain and stopped at this beautiful lagoon.  So, I thought 1 mile swim…piece a cake. I forgot to consider the dress code. First my whole piece, then long baggy shorts over it and then a long loose t-shirt over that…I thought I was going to drown! After 400 meters I had to call it a day. Thankfully I have several more tries before we go.

20 19

Tim & I have been praising God for so many things…for good health, safe travels, good food, and wonderful staff of missionaries that are training us as well as the local people.  And especially for you! For your sacrifice each month to keep us on the field and for all your prayers that have paved the way and opened doors…and for all of the emails of encouragement. We can’t get on to the computer very much, but when we do we can down load them and read them later. Thank you….sometimes we feel a little lonely so far from everyone we know and love and it makes all the difference to read a kind word!

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Much love & blessings form Papua New Guinea!   

Next stop, Papua New Guinea!


Kelly made this beautiful map to show all the legs of our flights!

It still hasn’t fully hit us yet that this is really happening! We have our plane tickets. Our bags packed. Weighed and packed again. It’s amazing how little you can actually take! We will be getting on our first flight towards Papua New Guinea THIS Wednesday!

You have all been amazing during our journey and we are counting on you to keep holding the rope for us! Our itinerary is a little daunting, and we are desperate for your prayers. I’ve listed below all the legs of our flights, with local time (EST) for where we will be.

Drive from Palm Coast to Orlando 1:00 PM, January 6th.

  • Depart Orlando, FL 6:30 PM, January 7th
  • Arrive San Francisco, CA 12:00am, January 8th
  • Depart San Francisco, CA 4:00am, January 8th
  • Arrive Taipei, Taiwan 5:00pm January 8th
  • Depart Taipei, Taiwan 9:00pm January 8th
  • Arrive Denpasar, Bali 3:00am January 9th
  • Depart Denpasar, Bali 9:00pm January 12th
  • Arrive Port Moresby, PNG 3pm January 12th
  • Depart Port Moresby, PNG 3:00am January 13th
  • Arrive Madang, PNG 4:00am January 13th

That’s over 50 hours of travel time!

We would love to be covered in prayer during every moment possible of this trip. Several friends of ours traveled to PNG recently. They said the trip went better than they could have imagined it going, and they also said they had people at home praying faithfully for them!

We will be keeping social media up-to-date as much as possible during our trip, and we will update as soon as we can from Papua New Guinea. This may take a few days, but we plan to at least call family, who will be able to spread the word that we have arrived safely. Thank you for sending us, and standing with us as we go! Much love & blessings!!!

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It’s not to late to partner with us on this incredible journey!