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Getting ready to leave for village!

I (Tim) would like share with you some of our experiences in the last few weeks. But first let me share a Scripture that really stands out.

 Matthew 19 verse 29- “And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life.”

1 DSCN5996

We have met so many people that are now a part of God’s Big Family in Papua New Guinea. God has provided us the best wasfamili at P.O.C.! Waspapa Kui is on staff here and has helped us in so many ways. He helped us build our haus kuk, learn more Tok Pisin and been our hiking guide. Wasmoma and the girls has helped Gina with storying, which is the favorite thing to do in their culture.

DSCN6000 IMG_2005

I’ve been learning to cook over an open fire with wasmoma. She made the best snake beans and rice. She can cook a large pot of rice in 30 minutes. That includes washing the rice and starting a cooking fire.


The boys in the family, Kialo and Alado have helped me with reading the Buk Biabel in Tok Pisin. They also enjoyed me storying about pig hunting and police work.

IMG_1998 IMG_2040 IMG_1973

Next week we leave P.O.C. at Nobonob Mountain for 1 month of living in the village (no electric, running water or plumbing!) of Kawe on the coast. We will have a brand new wasfamili family. We have been trained these last 7 weeks to live in the village by ourselves. Please pray for this village and family. Please pray that we would be everything Christ wants us to be.

POC 2-25-15 557 POC 2-25-15 435

Now we will share some unexpected things. Gina has contracted malaria. She was taking preventive medicine and still caught this disease. The good news is that through prayers, good doctor and nurse, she has recovered. But now she has a kidney infection. Please continue to pray for her recovery.

11046679_10106202661533444_2725105715000834885_n[1] DSCN6263

Gina and I would like to let everyone at home know how great the staff here at P.O.C. has been. We are so thankful for their wisdom, encouragement and faith building efforts. They are truly dedicated Godly servants placed here to help us bridge the cultural gap successfully. We could not have done this without their guidance. Thank you P.O.C. Staff.