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God Speaks…

God is a God of communication. He wants His message of truth and love to be communicated to each of the 7,000 languages on earth, because those languages speak to the heart, not the head. Even though languages can be very different from each other, they are all capable of getting any idea across to the other. And that is what we want to happen in Bible translation. We want the meaning of the message to Accurately come across Clearly and it needs to sound Beautiful to the hearer. Those are the ABC’s of translation. The Translator Training Courses, TTC 1-4, teach the methodology of Bible translation. So the message is communicated Accurately, Beautifully and Clearly. This is harder than you think. The temptation for any untrained translator is to translate word for word. That does not produce Accurate, Beautiful or Clear translations. 


Tim leading the students in morning devotions.

So, the goal of TTC-1 is to teach a 10 step translation method and go through a 13 step checking process. TTC-1 also teaches students how to do research on Key Terms like: alter, sacrifice, angel, heaven, God, Lord etc. By the end of TTC-1 translation teams have researched these Key Terms and come up with tentative ways to put those concepts into their own language. They have also translated Genesis 22:1-19 and produced booklets of those verses in their own languages. While back in their villages, teams must translate 200 additional verses, a traditional song, a creation story and several other texts in order to prepare for TTC-2 next year. New Testament translation projects typically take 10-20 years. Please pray for the 17 translators on 5 translation teams that they will quickly put into practice what they learned at TTC-1.

Trained & ready to bring God's word to their people!

Trained & ready to bring God’s word to their people!


Praying for Rain!

A team who has been working for over 28 years to bring living water…needs clean drinking water! Every day is completely different on the mission field. We (you & I) are the support team for Bible Translation. So, let me tell you what that looked like this week.

Over the last several months we have had many earthquakes from our nearby active volcano. One of our translation teams had been away, but heard that their rain water tank had cracked during one of these quakes, losing all of their drinking water.


Removing old tank

So, we just call Home Depot and have one delivered, right? No, that would be WAY too easy. After much searching, we finally find a tank. We go to pick it up and carry the tank up the mountain but, they said our truck is too small, so thankfully someone from the village offers to get it the next day.

Tim & Orim – Amazing Strength!

The next day, we arrive with all our tools to take away the old tank and install the new one. Tim & Orim have the help of all the children in the village and get everything in place. Meanwhile, I am helping in the house, trying to get it back in shape. The whole house looked like someone picked it up and turned it over and over. The kitchen table had turned completely over and was laying topside down.


New tank all set up and ready for rain!

Through it all, Peggy never complained and together we thanked God that they had not been in the house when this happened. When we finally finished the sun was just starting to set, tiny bats began flying out from between the cracks of the house and we said our goodbyes….thanking God for another amazing day in PNG and praying for rain!


Praising God!