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Many different colored hands make up the body of Christ…it’s a Beautiful thing!

Please keep us in your prayers! Last week I taught an Audio refresher course before sending out a team to help finish the Mangseng language group (over 3000 people) recording of the New Testament and then they will travel to the Ata language group (over 4000 people) to begin recording their New Testament.

1Here at the center in Kokopo we are doing the final proofing of the Ramoaaina language group (over 20,000 people) for their New Testament audio recording.

04 Bringing God’s word to every tribe & tongue! What could be a better way to start your week?

2Thank you for being united with us in prayer to bring God’s word to His people! Sending love from around the world!

Seeing to Believing!

Seeing, leads to reading, which leads to recording, which leads to hearing, which leads to believing! It’s all a part of God’s big plan…sometimes the little things make such a big impact for the kingdom!


When we 1st started going on recording trips we noticed right off that many of the readers needed reading glasses.


They struggled with being able to read the small print and in turn were not able to read well.


Usually, just one person would have a pair of reading glasses and they all shared…so, we put the word out and you blessed our readers with the gift of sight! All for God’s glory! Thank you for making this happen. Much love & blessings from around the world!

Tim tested and approved!

While we wait for the boat to arrive, we’re looking out for the Center (a place where other missionaries come to train or in transition coming from or going to their village home) we have lots of missionary children that come through and we wanted them to have a place to enjoy…so today our good friends Colton & Nikki worked on this special project.

As you can see from this picture….My sweet little Timmy enjoyed them too!


Bella helped too!


Colton…the master swing maker!



Together at last!

In 2014, when we first answered the call to become Maritime Missionaries in Papua New Guinea we were introduced to the Nie family via email. Since that time we have been lifting each other in prayer and watching our “God Stories” unfold.


It’s funny how there are only two Maritime Missionary couples through JAARS here in PNG and they are Jim & Gina and Tim & Gina….thankful that together we will be providing safe water transportation to the translation teams and that God finally crossed our paths!


Jim & Gina sailed from the US all the way here…and now will use their sailboat to carry missionaries out to the islands, but today they blessed us with time on the water & wonderful fellowship. Thankful to have the opportunity to stand united in Christ to do great things all for God’s glory!



Saving Babies!

Could you imagine living in a country that has 1 doctor to every 17,000 people? Where Malaria is endemic in every province with an average of 1.5-1.8 million suspected cases of malaria seen at health care facilities annually?

After having malaria twice already in a year, I can personally tell you how it runs havoc on your body. Thankfully, we eat well, have a pretty strong immune system and access to medicine to fight back and regain our health.

New born babies here are not as fortunate with many dying from malaria. We recently had the opportunity help change that. We partnered with a dear friend that has been doing fund raisers to supply “baby nets”. These nets cost $1.00 USD each and are saving the lives of our PNG babies.

The only problem is, once you have the nets, how do you get them out to these remote villages? Well, we brought 100 baby nets with us recently when we went on our recording trip to Uvol. We carried them on the ship, then by banana boat and finally by a friend (on top of her head) all the way to the clinic. Now, we (you & I) got to play a small part to help save at least 100 babies from getting malaria….thankful for God going before us and opening a door to save a life and share the Good News here in Papua New Guinea…all because you sent us!

baby net

baby net1

baby net2

baby net31