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How can I explain?

Words….we speak, write & record them…but sometimes we still can’t find the right words. Words that show you just how hard this would be without you praying…When I tell you we have to go by boat…is this what you imagined?

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When I tell you we have to carry all our equipment, is this what you picture?

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When I say recording studio, was this your 1st thought?

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And when I say, we had plenty to eat, did you guess rice & snake?

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Even though it’s hard….somedays REALLY hard, you arrive to do a recording and there is so much excitement because today’s the day. Finally, their Bible is going to be recorded, so everyone that speaks their language can know & hear God’s truth!

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There so much more I want to tell you, if only I could find the words…

Next stop…Prison!

Instead of doughnuts…we (You & I) brought Bibles to the meeting! We want to report that the meeting went even better than expected! The power of prayer changes everything. Not only are we in final negotiations for the land, God opened up an opportunity for Tim to bring Bibles to the prison and share the love of Christ in multiple languages…on top of an already stellar day…our recording team completed the Mangseng Audio New Testament. Thankful to be able to train & mentor this incredible group of men, so now the Mangseng speaking people will be able to “hear” the good news! This is what YOU are a part of…thankful to be united in Christ, for YOU wrapping us in prayer and for sending us to be your hands & feet here in Papua New Guinea!


God Goes Before Us….

Out of our comfort zone AGAIN… Please PRAY….7:00pm today your time (Feb 2nd) Tim will be meeting with the Catholic Church (They own the property that our Center is on). For years our mission organization has been trying to secure this location. Here in Kokopo, we are the hub for all the islands region. This is where translation work is being done for multiple languages, workshops to train Papua New Guineans as well as the Bible Audio Recordings.

As you know, Tim came to provide safe water transportation for the translation teams, but the boat’s still not here. While we wait we’ve been running the Kokopo Center. A dear friend Justin Melissa Foltz explained it to us this way. We are the cog in the center of a wheel to keep the translation work going. We provide logistics as translation teams go to and from village, buy their supplies, help them with repairs, provide a place for them to live while in transition, we are the 1st responders for any emergencies, provide water safety training, teach classes, provide meals, and so much more…not only to our missionaries, but for New Tribes, YWAM, local Churches & Pastors. It’s by far the most physically demanding thing I have ever done, but so thankful we (you & I) are able to serve so many other missionaries this way.

The work that is done here will change lives for all eternity. Please pray that Tim (aka the negotiator) is covered in God’s grace and wisdom. Only God knew that this was something Tim would be doing today….Thanking God for going before us and all of you for your prayers! Thinking….maybe we should bring doughnuts…