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Brick by Brick!

Have you ever read the book of Nehemiah? It’s incredible; we just finished chapter 4. Tell me if this reminds you of anything …

God places a deep desire on Nehemiah’s heart to do something that would seem completely impossible.                                                                                                                                 We feel a great burden that everyone should be able to have God’s Word in their heart language.

Nehemiah travels a great distance to do God’s work, but he can’t do it alone. 

We (You & I) are called to Papua New Guinea. We could not do this without your prayers & financial support.  

He rallies the people to work within each clan and in doing so he directs them to the Father.                                                                                                                       

We work with each language group to record God’s Word in their language, so everyone will hear & understand God’s truth.  

When Nehemiah faced opposition, he sounded the trumpet.                            

We send out an email.

Half the people are physically building the wall, and the other half are protecting the builders with their swords

We will be there doing the recording, but will be covered in your prayers for protection against the enemy.

In no time, what originally seemed impossible is finished

Not going to lie, 260 chapters & 7,958 verses feels overwhelming. Thankful only 89 chapters & 3,779 verses are left! Only through Christ and YOUR prayers can this be completed!

Truth! We can apply God’s Word today just as it was applied in the past.


This is what you need to know:

I’ll (without Tim for the 1st time in Papua New Guinea (PNG) be leaving on the 7th of April around 1:00pm to Uvol (around 1100:pm on the 6th for you).

I’ll travel for approximately 24 hours on the ocean.

We will be recording all the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John)

My plan is to stay for 1 week to mentor, train and advise our Recording Technicians and make sure that there are no “technical difficulties”

As long as the boat makes a return trip, I should be back by the 16th.

While in the village, more than likely I will not be able to communicate (not even with Tim). So please, don’t forget to pray! I can’t do this without all of YOU!!!!