Monthly Archives: May 2016

Meri’s & Muffin’s

I can’t stop thinking about Judith…..she’s the wife of one of our national translators. She came to have her baby at our hospital. We don’t have a doctor but, we are thankful for the dedicated nurses.

I was notified that she just gave birth to a precious little baby girl so, of course I wanted to see her… I arrive at the hospital just a few hours after delivery, but I couldn’t find her. I ask the nurses (in my best tok pisin) and they tell me she’s already been discharged?!

I finally find her….can you imagine doing this? I can’t….


She has a baby and just a few hours later she’s released, walks down to the end of the road with her new baby girl in her arms and waits for a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle). Next, she rides the PMV to the beach and waits there for over 6 hours to catch a boat. Of course, it’s raining by the time she get’s on the boat for the 3 hour ride across the (not so smooth) sea. Upon arrival….she still has to walk to her village…..did I mention the baby is not even 24 hours old.

Through Judith, I felt compelled to start going to the maternity ward and bring the new mother’s something to eat after their babies are born. It gives us (YOU & me) a chance to show God’s love and at the same time love on these precious new babies. Today, we brought 4 dozen (made from scratch) pumpkin muffins. There are so many ways to share the love of Jesus with our sister’s & brother’s in Christ here in PNG. Feeling thankful & blessed.  


PNG Meri’s amaze me!