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Can you “hear” the excitement?

It’s exciting to see how YOUR prayers are being answered! 10 months ago we went on our 1st Audio recording trip to Umbukul and now we (YOU & I) get to go back for the dedication of the complete New Testament Audio Bible!

I leave on Sunday afternoon – fly to Kavieng (green star) and then Monday morning (Sunday night for you) I will travel by banana boat from Kavieng through all those small islands and then down, around and up to Umbukul (red star). Last time it took 3 hours to get there, but over 6 to get back due to bad weather…


I am so thankful to be united with you to bring God’s Word to His people and I pray that everything we do & say points others to Christ…All for His glory!

Me blog

Let EVERYTHING we do, be an act of worship…

Before Flat G

Rat’s, termites, faulty electrical, no hot water …… needless to say we were pretty sad when we heard that this was our new home…

After Flat G

All things made new….well almost

Porch Before

This was right outside our door and the 1st thing you saw when you arrived here.


A saying from a dear friend..."it's like having sand in your eyes" can't stop till it's all cleaned up.

A saying from a dear friend…”it’s like having sand in your eyes” can’t stop till it’s all cleaned up.

Outside After 1

Now it’s actually a place that can be used!


A workbench that can be used for projects now.

A workbench that can be used for projects now.

LUKE x 6 ….all for God’s glory!

This is what YOU & I have been apart of these last 4 weeks!

LP Ailan stands for the Luke Partnership in the Islands of PNG. (Ailan is how Island is spelled in Tok Pisin)

Several mission orgs take part. Wycliffe, The Seed Co and Cru’s Jesus Film team.

There are 8, 3-4 week training sessions held twice a year for 4 years. (This was the 1st of these workshops!)

By the end of the 4 years each language team should have the book of Luke translated, have Luke available in audio, and have the Jesus Film produced in their language.

There are 6 new language teams who are working on Luke and 2 language teams who already have NTs are working on Genesis and Exodus.  

In this first course, the translators have been learning the 10 step process for producing good 1st draft translations. They have each translated Luke 1:5-25 and printed 5 copies of their translation work to take back to the village. Hopefully this will spark even more interest in these languages for having the Word of God in their language. Besides translation they have been learning about how their own languages work and how they are different than other languages like Greek, Hebrew and English. They have also been learning about how the Jews lived long ago in their Bible Background lessons and what problems that causes people who live in the tropics. They have also been learning basic study skills like how to use a dictionary, how to skim and find the main point of an article. They have also been discovering how figurative language is used in the Bible and how to deal with it in their languages.

Please keep them in your prayers as they all head back to their villages. Most will have to travel across the sea. We are so thankful you sent US to be your hands & feet in Papua New Guinea! Sending love from around the world!


All in for bringing God’s Word to Papua New Guinea!