A day in prison was good for my soul…

After two long hours of roads filled with pot holes and several “puddles” we finally arrived at the prison. It was never on my “bucket list” to go to prison, but God had opened a door and we wanted to see where that door would lead….

Walking through the gates, surrounded by barb wire with a watch tower hovering above us, it reminded me of how precious freedom really is. Sometimes we are in prison in other ways…maybe your prison is fear, regret or worry.

For 12 consecutive years our friend Sandra Lau has been sharing the love of Christ through this ministry. It was beautiful seeing the joy of the Lord work through her and how she brings hope to His people.

The 400 men and 11 women we met today changed the way I viewed prison. Just like all of us, they’ve made mistakes. All the messages and prayers had a single theme. They were there because of bad choices that they made, but today is a new day, we all have the free will to do what is right and true. God has a plan for their lives, a good plan…trust Him and seek His face.

Christmas gifts for each prisoner…each bag was full of God’s love.

It takes several pigs to feed this many people!

This would be their best meal of the year….

We met a LOT of happy, thankful people…

Ice cream is a rare treat!

Special Christmas celebration with our sisters & brothers in Christ.

To love and serve….my sweet friend Jane is already planning another trip back to the prison to minister to the women there. What beautiful hearts these dear friends have.

Making friends…I got to get Tim one of these cool Police hats.

I left today with a heart full of gratitude and for Tim another opportunity to share the Jesus Film in the near future…God is good, faithful and true.