Monthly Archives: January 2018

Fertile Ground

Do you remember the first time you went to a movie theater? I bet you do! These children at Lakunda village will never forget either! Gina and I were invited by Pastor Joseph of the Lakunda village to come and show the Jesus Film in Tok Pison. We would like to thank our partners and Campus Crusade for Christ for giving this opportunity.

  But before the movie began, we were able to give out over 50 pairs of flip-flops and 25 pillow case dresses to those special little children of Lukunda for Christmas presents. This was God’s perfect timing.

We started the movie with mainly just the children and a few parents. I thought “well if just one person would trust in the Savior it was worth it the effort”. As the film continued more and more people began to filter into the area. Gina got up and walked around in the darkness and estimated that there were well over a hundred watching. Praise God!

As the movie ended with an invitation to receive Jesus as Savior. I had the opportunity to relate receiving the gift of salvation to the experience earlier of receiving your gifts. It was a great experience!

Remember in Luke 8 about the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed?   Gina and I believe that these children are described in verse 8. “Still other seed fell on fertile soil. This seed grew and produced a crop that was a hundred times as much as had been planted!”

The first film that they have ever seen in their lives will be the Jesus Film because of your faithfulness in sending us. Thank you to Campus Crusade for Christ for loaning us the high quality equipment that is so easy to use in remote areas.