December Prayer & Praise Focus

May He Grant: A Month of Prayer & Praise for Matthews Maritime Missions & Papua New Guinea

May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose. We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the LORD Fulfill all your petitions.” Psalm 20:4-5

Dec 1: Ask God to continue to raise up workers to spread His Word in Papua New Guinea. Intercede for the 300+ languages still needing translation work.

Dec 2: Pray that Tim would have a strong, vibrant walk with God. Ask that he would be faithful to times in the Word & prayer,

Dec 3: Pray that God would strengthen our marriage in the midst of many distractions and challenges.

Dec 4: Pray for healthy transitions for Tim & Gina as we say goodbye to friends and family. Ask for healthy grieving, and an excitement for what is to come in PNG.  

Dec 5: Praising God for the amazing team of Partners that said “YES!” to the call and have financially united with us in Christ to bring Gods word to the people of PNG. Thank you for being a sender! 

Dec 6: Pray that Gina would have a strong, vibrant walk with God. Ask that she would be faithful to times in the Word & prayer.

Dec 7: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. May He give them an excitement to be a part of people from “all tribes and peoples and languages” praising the Lamb! (Rev.7:9-12)

Dec 8: Ask that God would continue to reveal Himself to our children Alexis, Olivia, Stephen & Tommy. May God draw them to Himself!

Dec 9: Ask God to provide 100% of our monthly budget by Jan 1st.

Dec 10: Praising God for the many partners that have opened their doors and gave us a place to stay.

Dec 11: Pray for the Nationals that Gina will be working with and that many languages will be recorded using her VMS training.

Dec 12: Pray for wisdom on what to purchase/bring for POC  & our time in PNG (James 1:5)

Dec 13: Pray for wisdom for the team that this equipping the boat for PNG.

Dec 14: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. May they long to fulfill the partnership of preaching, sending, and hearing! (Rom 10:14-16)

Dec 15: Praising God for all our “advocates” that have gone before us and spoke on our behalf.   

Dec 16: Ask God to grant opportunities to share this month so that awareness of Bibleless people groups and Bible translation will be increased.

Dec 17: Pray that God brings a Christian couple to help guide and direct us once in PNG and that the language “Tok Pisin” comes easy to us.

Dec 18: Ask God to provide for the Maritime needs in PNG as they wait for Tim.

Dec 19: Pray for favor in getting the best airline prices and that we would be able to order them by January.

Dec 20: Praising God for over 400 prayer partners that have committed to keep a blanket of prayer over us. We thank you for your prayers!

Dec 21: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. May He use them to bring his sons from afar and his daughters from the ends of the earth! (Is.43:67)

Dec 22: Pray that God will equip us to be physically fit, healthy and free from injury for our time at POC.

Dec 23: Pray for our families as we prepare to leave. Ask the Lord to give them a sense of peace about us leaving and excitement for what the Lord will do.

Dec 24: Pray for favor with customs officials in duty charges on what we bring.

Dec 25: Praising God for the gift of salvation and for the opportunity to share His message with people all over the world! 

Dec 26: Ask God to give us spirits of humility, and that we would be open to correction and sensitive to any needed areas of growth as we prepare for cross cultural service.

Dec 27: Pray for the thousands of Papua New Guineans who are hearing God’s Word in their language through audio recordings.

Dec 28: Ask the Lord to provide 5 new monthly partners this week. May the Lord give them a passion for many different languages, knowing that none is without meaning (1 Cor. 14:10)

Dec 29: Pray for the shipment of the boat, household goods and equipment to arrive quickly and in tacked.

Dec 30: Praising God for all the teachers/instructors/mentors that have poured their wisdom into us to help prepare us for what’s to come.

Dec 31: Ask God to give strength and support to believers in Papua New Guinea who are striving to seek His will without His Word in the language they understand.